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Todito Cash

Available in: Mexico

Todito Cash is a prepaid card and eWallet service which allows you to fund your EUcasino account.

Supporting Banks: The card can be loaded by credit card at branches of Banco Azteca & HSBC (Mexico)

For more information: http://www.toditocash.com/html/puntosdeventa.php

Postup krok za krokem

  1. Select the Todito Cash deposit payment option on your EUcasino Deposit pay
  2. Uveďte částku, kterou si přejete vložit na váš EUcasino účet
  3. You will be re-directed to a payment summary page
  4. Enter your Card number and PIN and confirm
  5. EUcasino receives a real-time confirmation of the payment
  6. Obdržíte potvrzení od EUcasino, že vaše platba proběhla úspěšně